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Flip Mitten Sleeves

Will the flip mitten sleeves stop the itching or treat eczema?

ScratchMeNot Flip Mitten Sleeves will not cure the eczema by simply stopping the scratching. They will reduce and/or stop scratching fingers from damaging the skin and allow any moisturizing creams or topical medications to stay on long enough to work without their fingers interfering or undoing any progress made. This combination of treatments allows the skin to heal.

Treatment for eczema, in particular, does not have one treatment that works for everyone. ScratchMeNot Flip Mittens work to prevent any further skin damage and gives you time to determine a treatment that works for your little one alongside of your practitioner. They bridge the gap between the occurence of itchy skin to a long term solution of ending the itch.

How frequently should little ones wear the Flip Mittens? What about fine motor skills?

Our Flip Mittens are designed be worn anytime. Depending on how frequently they tend to scratch, they can be worn solely for scratching episodes or worn all day -- flip and cover hands as needed. The Flip Mittens encourage fine motor skill development because the mittens allow hand-free, tactile time. With the unfolded mittens (opened), their hands and fingers are readily available to play, eat and explore. When scratching occurs, the mittens can be flipped closed to protect the skin until the scratching moment has subsided. The mittens can then be flipped open to continue with hands-free exploring. We designed ScratchMeNots to be flexible for your child’s needs, by allowing the mittens to be closed or cuffed open!

Closed mittens are wide enough and fully functional, allowing little ones to easily pick up and grab small or large toys.

Should your child need wear the mittens closed frequently, be sure to have hands-free tactile time daily for adequate touch & explore moments.

How long do the flip mittens last?

We've created ScratchMeNots to be durable to withstand a lot of scratching and rubbing. Depending on the intensity of use, and even though made with strong, durable silk, it can become worn down from intense & consistent usage as silk is a naturally fragile fabric.

We've come to know, based on customer experience, that a ScratchMeNot is potentially the only piece of clothing a child wears that is in constant, active use, both day and night, sometimes everyday.

To help them last their longest, we suggest having more than one ScratchMeNot on hand to alternate between.

Should these be worn over or under clothing?

The Flip Mitten Sleeves are designed to be worn over or under clothing, it depends on your preference. If your little one is curious about how clothing works, it may be best to put them on under clothing. If the mittens are worn during naps or sleeping, we suggest:

*The should sleeve fit snuggly

*Wear the sleeve under other clothing

To provide the best protection, the sleeve should fit snuggly to prevent it from easily coming off or being pulled off. For sleep, if your child is curious about how clothing works, we suggest the Flip Mitten Bodysuit or The Bamboo Bubby Bag (Sleep sack).

Are the mittens wide enough for my child to grasp toys?

Yes, with the mittens flipped closed, your child can pick up small objects (crayons) or larger toys (blocks, balls, etc). The Flip Mittens allow grasping, holding and playing.

Should your child need wear the mittens closed frequently, be sure to have hands-free tactile time daily for adequate touch & explore moments.

How to wear a Flip Mitten Sleeve or take them off?

The Flip Mitten Sleeves are put on similar to a cardigan/sweater, the sleeves can be worn over or under clothing.

To wear: Simply place one arm in at a time. Flip and cover one or both hands as needed.
To take off: Raise a hand and slide one elbow out of the sleeve and gently pulling it off the same arm and then the other! 

Toddlers and young children are curious about how clothes function, so we suggest wearing the Flip Mitten Sleeves under other clothing (A short sleeed shirt or onesie). These adventurous ones may need extra protection that our Flip Mitten Body can also provide.

Although, Flip Mitten Sleeves are made of materials that breathe well, and are lightweight, they should still be viewed as an added layer of clothing. Too many layers of clothing may overheat your little one.

Can Flip Mittens really help my little one?

ScratchMeNots were designed to reduce / eliminate scratching damage. If your little one is constantly scratching, or if the scratching is damaging their skin. A ScratchMeNot can help reduce the damage greatly and gives their skin a break and provides an opportunity to heal. Sometimes children rub their itchy faces and heads. The silk outer layer of the mitten provides less friction against the skin. As they rub their heads, the silk will reduce the amount of hair being rubbed out by their hands.

To benefit the most from using ScratchMeNots, it’s important to keep their fingernails short. Long fingernails will lessen the positive results.

What are the Flip Mittens made of?

The original Flip Mittens are made of 96% Organic Bamboo Viscose, Organic Cotton, Silk & 4% Lycra. Bamboo pulls moisture away from the skin. Bamboo fiber regulates with the weather, it becomes cooler in warm weather and warm in colder weather.

The Sensitive Flip Mittens are made of 100% Cotton & Silk. Cotton & silk combination is a great for children with sensitive skin.

To benefit the most from using ScratchMeNots, it’s important to keep their fingernails short. Long fingernails will lessen the positive results.

How many ScratchMeNots do I need?

From our experience, we recommend 2 or more Flip Mittens for your little one’s wardrobe. An extra comes in handy, have a spare in case one gets dirty. Having another waiting in rotation gives parents one less thing to worry about. Also, one for daycare use and one for home may be another option.

How should I wash and care for my ScratchMeNot?

Due to the fact that our ScratchMeNots are made of a Bamboo Blend, Cotton and Silk; we recommend that you wash them on a cold water, gentle cycle and dry on a low setting. For extra care, hand wash them and air dry them. For more instructions & tips, including hand washing see ScratchMeNot Care!

Which size should I choose for my child?

Each ScratchMeNot has been given an age size and a maximum wingspan (in inches). To make sure the size will fit, check your child’s wingspan. Measure from the middle of your child’s back to the fingertip (in inches) and multiply by 2. We do not suggest buying a larger size what your child needs if it is intended for active use, as it may be too loose to function properly or may easily come off. We only suggest this if you want to put a ScratchMeNot over long sleeve clothing.

Which is ScratchMeNot fabric combination should I choose?

It really depends on what you prefer! All styles of ScratchMeNots are great for preventing children from scratching effectively, yet some children need 100% cotton clothing due to skin sensitivity and at times parents prefer it! We've found our bamboo blended fabrics tend to react better to the tug and pull of everyday wear, which means they will keep its shape longer. Read all about our fabric here.

Will the Flip Mittens work for concerns outside of scratching?

Yes, parents have used them for thumb-sucking, hair-pulling, & more. Read what parent's say here.

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