The memories of my daughter’s non-stop scratching, marks a difficult time when we were trying to pinpoint why her skin was irritated, dry, red and discolored. What made matters worse, it was starting to scar quickly from the repeated scratching as a baby barely able to hold her head up. We needed to help her STOP scratching before she was skinless and before I went crazy! I was afraid this would be a way of life if I didn't get to the source of her itchy skin. Her eczema wasn’t easy to conquer, making day to day life stressful.

As she got older, the scratching seemed like it would never end and I tried, seemingly, everything to get her to stop scratching long enough to allow her skin to heal. I knew once I had her scratching under control, I could focus all efforts on what was causing it.

“What started as a solution for my daughter, has turned into helping families like yours. And I LOVE IT!!”

I designed the ScratchMeNot to stop her cute fingers from damaging her skin. It was wonderful to know that I could wash dishes or watch her play was knowing she couldn't scratch!

ScratchMeNots were our saving grace as it stopped scratching damage and bought us time to figure out why her skin flared. Her skin was healing & clearing up, we were able to sleep (yay!), we saved so much money with fewer doctors visits and less medication. Today, we're definitely in more control of her health and skin condition.

I share our health and skin journey with eczema a long with more itchy skin info through our ScratchMeNot Blog. For us, it was a mixture of allergies and stress that caused her eczema to flare. With a lot of trial and error, we've been able to keep her eczema away!

I hope you read my stories and the research with our blog & allow ScratchMeNots give your little one relief.

From my family to yours!