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Stopping my baby’s scratch-itch cycle

Parenting can be a roller coaster. The ups of your baby’s laughter, smiles, and sweet little fingers and toes are followed by the downs of colic, teething, and, for us, scratching.

When my two-month-old daughter started scratching, our whole family was affected. Her delicate skin became red, irritated, and broken, prompting even more scratching to soothe herself. This was heartbreaking to watch, and our household barely slept, because we were all on “scratch watch.”

Visits to the doctor didn’t provide the help we needed, so I started looking for solutions on my own that would stop the scratching now.


How the ScratchMeNot soothed our baby (and saved our sanity)

I tried baby mittens, tube socks, and no-hands clothing, but none of them offered both the protection my daughter needed as well as the freedom to touch and explore her world.

That’s when I got the idea for a “flip mitten” that would open and close, keeping my baby safe during scratching moments and letting her move naturally when the moment had passed. From there, I designed the ScratchMeNot using the highest quality fabrics I could find, like organic bamboo and cotton, that would be soft against delicate baby skin but also stand up to lots of wear and tear and washing.

And it worked!

The ScratchMeNot stopped my daughter’s scratching and gave her skin a chance to heal. As for the rest of the family, we were finally able to get a good night’s sleep, and enjoy more smiles and less stress.


Our life today: Sharing the love with other families who need relief.

After seeing just how much the flip mitten sleeves restored peace and sanity to us, I wanted to share my creation with you!

Today, we're a homeschooling, small business running family. My daughter, who inspired ScratchMeNot, is a big sister to four siblings. As our family grew, ScratchMeNots remained in full rotation to provide scratch relief when food and environmental triggers caused flare-ups and for the occasional thumb-sucker. And it’s been encouraging to see that research on childhood eczema is now finally catching up to the lived experience of so many families.

It's our mission to make your life a bit easier by adding ScratchMeNot Flip Mittens™ to your itchy skin tool belt. Looking forward to having you join the ScratchMeNot family whether your little one is scratching, thumb-sucking or hair-pulling!


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