Apply to become a Instagram Brand Ambassador for ScratchMeNot. We choose about 5-10 people every other month.

We're doing something new and fun! Anyone can apply to become a brand ambassador. New ambassadors are chosen about every other month, only 5-10 people are chosen.  This is a great opportunity for existing and potential customers be apart of helping to grow a global brand. Whether you'd like to try new products, help other parents gain peace or enjoy the rewards for helping us fulfill our mission, becoming a brand ambassador may be the right fit for you!

Ambassadors will really enjoy being apart of the program and connecting with other women that have similar interests. There's a chance you can even become an ambassador again. For me, I feel this is a fun and authentic way for me to get to know you and grow our brand. This is an exciting opportunity for me to love on you in a new way. 


- Earn $100 store credit monthly. 

- Store credit will be rewarded at the first week after the month ends

- Failure to meet the minimum requirements will result in not receiving the monthly store credit

- Your IG account for sharing will need to be public.