Organic Organic Organic. The importance of providing the best for our little ones goes beyond aesthics. The level of quality that we strive to provide your child is the same excellence I provide my own family. Over the years, my goal was to provide as many organics as possible. Today, we're able to provide the highest quality of fabrics with dyes that are non toxic and are eco-friendly. We also meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which tests fabrics for harmful substances. Skin is our largest organ and babies having the thinnest skin, it absorbs what we place onto it, including creams, dyes and clothing residue. Because of this and more, a great amount of time and effort was placed towards the creation of our fabrics, knowing they would be worn by your little one.

With warm regards,

- Andrea



Our company believes in organic and natural fabric and we only use Certified Organic Bamboo and Certified Organic Cotton in both our blended & 100% cotton fabrics. For our Original ScratchMeNot Flip Mittens, we have chosen a unique blend of certified organic bamboo viscose, certified organic cotton & lycra as this helps to prevent the Original from losing its shape, adding extra durability. We love that our fabrics can function and perform well under the wear and tear of little one's who scratch! 

Our 100% Cotton & Silk - Sensitive Flip Mittens consist of Certified Organic Cotton and Silk. Great for children that may have a spandex/lycra sensitivity or for parents who prefer 100% cotton.


We use the highest grade 100% Silk that is grown and processed without pesticides and chemicals.


Which one should I choose?

It really depends on what you prefer! All styles of ScratchMeNots are great for preventing children from scratching effectively, yet some children need 100% cotton clothing due to skin sensitivity and at times parents prefer it! We've found our bamboo blended fabrics tend to react better to the tug and pull of everyday wear which means they will keep its shape longer.


If you're looking for the ScratchMeNot with the best stretch, our Original ScratchMeNot with blended fabrics may be the best for you. Our 100% cotton ScratchMeNots do not stretch as far, because they do not have a lycra content. No matter which ScratchMeNot you choose, each will all be a great solution to prevent scratching!


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