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When it comes to keeping your family in the best of health, knowledge really is power! On this page we’ll share some of the best resources to help you handle eczema, allergies, and skin irritations in the most hassle-free way possible. We’ll also connect you with professional sources for up-to-date information about health, allergies, and treatments that can help your family heal and deal simply, every day.

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Explore cutting-edge information, clinical reports, and effective treatments that can help soothe and heal eczema.

Wet Wraps with temporary bandages & Wet Wraps with tubular bandages - Courtesy of The Royal Children's Hospital.

A great eczema control regimens – Simple, easy to understand information that can help manage eczema.

A new eczema  treatment at Babycenter – A controversial, yet effective treatment that may work for you!

Does your little one have contact eczema? – may have a solution for you.

Infant Eczema - helps shine light children’s eczema and treatments

Dr. Greene’s eczema insight!

Eczema Q & A

Keep Kids Healthy!! – A great site with information that’s not just eczema related.

Also research allergens that could be triggering eczema, such as dairy, eggs, peanuts and more!



This common plant can cause all kinds of trouble! Find out how to deal with it in the best way possible right here.

Babycenter & Poison Ivy

True or False: Common Myths about Poison Ivy


A common occurrence in newborn babies and infants, psoriasis in all its forms can be stressful, painful, and irritating on the whole family. Get the information you need to take care and prevent problems with these excellent resource.

Children and Psoriasis

Can’t get enough of Dr. Greene!



One of the best ways to create a powerful immune system in your child is through
breastfeeding. For all of the information and support you need, use these links.

Did you know this about Breastmilk??

La Leche League



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Disclaimer: We are only providing information we've compiled overtime. Since we are not medical experts, we cannot give medical advice. Always ask your doctor about your child’s condition and various treatments before trying them.


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