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These Little Ones Have Relief and Peace By Using ScratchMeNots

Putting him to sleep was a nightmare before I found these sleeves. They are a God send. I have a pair for home and one for daycare. He now asks for them whenever he sleeps. They're like a teddy bear for him!! I love ScratchMeNot! -Sarah

He was scratching terribly, leaving him frustrated and in pain. Thankfully, we found out about ScratchMeNots. Although he was still itchy, he has relief and the medication had the time it needed to work. I can breathe! -Odori

Let me tell you, ScratchMeNots are the best products I ever purchased! I've spent hundreds of $ buying cream to stop Mason scratching, but this is by far the best product to stop him hurting himself. I strongly recommend the SMN! Give it a go, stops your baby hurting themselves, and gives you back sanity!! - Michelle

After being hospitalized due to eczema at 3months old we searched for mittens that my little boy couldn't take off. After using the scratch me nots for only a couple of days we saw a huge difference! Love how soft they are and that we can keep them on and just fold back the hand covers for when he's playing! -Sandra

Thank you for your product. After about a month of use during every nap and bedtime, our little girl's hair is finally growing back (on the left). She had pulled almost all of it out while sucking her thumb and hair twirling and now we have a little pig tail. It's quite a bit smaller than the other side, but progress! -Liz

Your ScratchMeNots are awesome. I've attached a before picture when we were using socks and anything we could find to put on our daughters hands, and when we were using the sleeves. She used to bleed everywhere and now the improvement is huge. Just reduces our anxiety that she has something to stop her from hurting herself. When we use them on her now she actually LIKES putting them on because they are silky soft! They saved our sanity!! -Alanna

Gain Much Needed Relief Using ScratchMeNots

Their skin had a chance to heal without being interrupted by little scratching fingers.

Faster Skin Repair

Skin is a miraculous organ that is constantly repairing itself. Unfortunately, when scratching fingers constantly disturbs the skin, it takes longer to repair and heal. Continued scratching can create permanent skin damage. By covering your little one's fingers during scratching moments, the skin can continue its naturally healing process with or without medication.

Reduced Infections

One of the biggest concerns with skin conditions are bacterial infections such as staphylococcus or wounds that aren't allowed to heal. Constant scratching can introduce bacteria into broken skin. To reduce the risk of infection, keep hands & nails clean and also nails cut short. ScratchMeNots prevent your child from repeatedly irritating the skin as they provide a soft, protective barrier between their fingers and skin.

ScratchMeNot Benefits

  • Open & Close-able mitten can be worn all day. Flip & cover hands as needed
  • Easy for parents to put on; Hard for children to take off
  • Promotes fine motor skill development; Hands can be free by flipping mittens open
  • Wear over or under clothing
  • For children up to 6+ years old

Steroid Use Reduced

One of the treatments many doctors use to treat eczema are steroids, because they quickly heal the skin. When a child is constantly scratching or rubbing, they are also rubbing off the medication. Therefore, the medication must be reapplied more frequently than intended. Overuse of steroids use can cause: thinning of the skin, steroid withdrawal and a few other concerns. Should you decide to use medications or natural creams, ScratchMeNots help them stay on longer, which allows the skin heal faster.

Physician Recommended. The best no scratch mitten solution for your child.

ScratchMeNot Flip Mittens provide relief, peace of mind, heals the skin, promotes fine motor skill development, and prevents future damage for your child.

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