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Have you ever thought about trying a detoxification regimen? Maybe you tried it before, but weren't quite sure if it was working. 


The concept seems easy but knowing:

** How do we detox properly?
** How do you know it's really working?
** Which regimen do we follow and why?
** What's safe for a toddler or young child?
** Is it parasites or candida yeast overload?

Joliane Tremblay, Regenerative Detoxification Specialist will teaching you:


>> How to know when detoxing is necessary

>> How to probably begin a detox regimen

>> Step by Step process of what to do

>> How to know if it's working
>> How to detox slowly or increase the intensity

>> How to help your little one through the journey (and yourself)

WHEN: May 31, 2019 at 11:30am CST

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Joliane Tremblay of Divinely Rooted personally went through a lot of health issues like type 1 diabetes, arthritis, insomnia, depression, skin issues, weight issues and overeating, just to name a few. This lead to  thoroughly studying auto-immune diseases, gaining several certifications, in order to heal herself.


As she continued to understand how the body heals itself, she then began to help others heal themselves, one of the ways being regenerative detoxification. Healing on the cellular level.

This type of detoxification supports the immune system and all the eliminative organs to increase your body's capacity of elimination. By cleansing and releasing your body of stored waste and obstructions (from toxicity, acids, parasites, mucus, dead cells, cellular waste, etc) your body can regenerate itself and thereby restoring your health. 

Alleviating various health concerns, such as allergies & eczema and beyond.

Regenerative Detoxification - How to start and how do you know it's working