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We've been using Scratchmenots for my daughter since July 2011, and we can't thank you enough how you've helped us get through the itchy times :)


His eczema causes him to scratching all of the time, thankfully we have ScratchMeNots!


I just had to share this with you because if I didn't find Bamboo Bubby we would have never have gotten to where we are today. I really can't Thank You enough as the ScratchMeNot flip mittens combined with a new ointment changed our lives for the best!!


My son has sensory processing disorder and scratches me all night when he isn't getting the required amount of deep pressure input (ie being cuddled overnight) - we bought the ScratchMeNot to stop the scratching but in the end have never needed the mitten covers, only to wear his 'sleeves' as we call it - as the gorgeous fabric is stretchy it 'hugs' him from behind and he is sleeping so much better!!


Our little one wears it every day! Our baby skin has improve soo much, our pediatrician said she will recommend ScratchMeNot to the parents whose children have eczema. :)



We just received our ScratchMeNot and little Nash is sleeping peacefully with the sleeve on Love it!"



Worry-free nights in her Scratchmenot mittens.



We have just had our first outing with the scratchmenots and they are fantastic! I like the way they are really fitted through the arms



Scratchmenot sleeves helped my baby's face heal. Emeri suffered from severe eczema since 3 months old. It is also when she got a skin infection. I'm so happy my 9 month old is doing better and is happier. 



We really love ScratchMeNots! They have been a lifesaver, especially at night as that is when he usually scratches the most.



The only thing we love as much as the Bamboo Bubby Bags are the ScratchMeNot mittens...



It's nice to see him so happy and comfortable in the bag. He settles well and looks forward to getting into it! He looks so cosy and it is so gentle on his sensitive skin.



Miss N. is 10mths old and still going strong with the ScratchMeNots. I've tried letting her nap without them but she wakes herself after 20min when she rubs her face and realises that her fingers are out and free to explore!



We have one happy baby!



I don't know what we would do without these mittens! We usually put them under a short-sleeve shirt and they look like we are doing a layered look. I've gotten compliments on her outfit at times! No one ever even suspects they are special sleeves.



We love our Scratch Me Nots! Thank you so much for a wonderful product and amazing customer service!



Mr C. used to be woken up in the middle of the night after he accidentally scratched his itchy scalp to bleed. He now sleeps better with the mitten sleeves on and no more night wakings. Thanks..., we love the mitten sleeves!



Just got these about a week ago and so far they have helped him not scratch his skin open at night! Glad to find them! This is a pic of my 2 year old Jaxson on his first day with them!:)



My daughter loves her pink ScratchMeNot.



So grateful for ScratchMeNot sleeves! I really don't know how bad Killian's skin would be without them! He has been using them since he was 6months old!



He loves his scratchmenots so much, I had to give him an outgrown pair that he uses as a "lovey" - thank you!



The ScratchMeNot mittens are fantastic! My nearly 12 month old suffers severe eczema all over his body. We are about to admit him to hospital for a week to monitor him in a controlled environment, diet, creams, wet wraps and anything else has not helped him unfortunately. I would recommend the ScratchMeNot mittens to anyone with eczema, material is stretchy and supper soft and even though we never have them open, he can still pick up toys and his drink with them on.



Your ScratchMeNots are awesome. I've attached a before picture when we were using socks and anything we could find to put on our daughters hands, and when we were using the sleeves. She used to bleed everywhere and now the improvement is huge. Just reduces our anxiety that she has something to stop her from hurting herself. When we use them on her now she actually LIKES putting them on because they are silky soft! They saved our sanity!!



Words cannot even say how thankful I am to have finally ordered a ScratchMeNot for our 4 year old! For the past year or more, we would be woken so many times during the night to either the sounds of him scratching, or him crying for lotion. He would scratch out of habit to fall asleep. Now, he had slept for almost 2 weeks straight without any issues! We were finally able to heal up the skin on his arms, and now if he feels the desire to start scratching, we put it on and he is all set! We had to tell him that Spider-Man sent these to help protect his arms... And he is always sure to say "that was so nice and thoughtful of Spider-Man to send these for me!" Which translates to "you are amazing ScratchMeNot creators!" Thank you!!



Baby Eric loves his ScratchMeNot blue sleeves.



We use ScratchMeNots for scratching thumb-sucking for our kids. LOVE ScratchMeNots!



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